Reduce waste, increase in-stock rate, and maximize profits

intelligent forecasts and inventory planning for fresh

What we do

Demand Forecasts

AI-powered forecasts ingest millions of data points to provide accurate, item level predictions of future demand.

Optimized Replenishments

Forecasts are converted to replenishment recommendations that account for supply chain constraints and optimize for margin.

Integrated workflow

These replenishment suggestions are integrated into the operator's workflow to maximize ease and efficiency.

Value Proposition

Our forecasting technology drives substantial value. In pilots with regional chains, we have demonstrated reductions in waste and out-of-stocks that equate to greater than $100K profit increase, per store, per year.

50% Less waste
80% Fewer stock-outs
3X Inventory turns


Helping grocery stores reduce food waste is a win-win: it's good for business and great for the planet. Food waste is a massive global problem: worldwide, food that never gets eaten accounts for 4 billion tons of C02 emissions and nearly 20% of clean water consumption. In US grocery stores, 40 billion dollars worth of food is thrown away each year.

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