Afresh is reinventing the fresh food supply chain with human-centered AI.

Fresh food is vital

Fresh food has a growing, massive impact on the health of people, our planet, and businesses.

Yet, the fresh food industry has been underserved by modern technology. This drives environmental and financial inefficiencies in a market that's growing faster than ever.

Ripe opportunity for AI

Fresh food is hard to get right. Accurate operational decisions are incredibly tough when dealing with the complex nature of highly perishable foods.

Afresh uses artificial intelligence combined with massive amounts of data to assist human operators in better managing our fresh food supply. We use the same kinds of algorithms that power Google data centers and AlphaGo to make the fresh food supply chain wildly more efficient.

A fresher future

Avoidable supply chain inefficiencies are the cause of hundreds of billions of dollars of fresh food losses each year.

But that can change. We empower companies to solve these problems, and also win the loyalty of their customers, multiply profitability, and make our planet and its people healthier.

It's time to focus on fresh food.


Start making data-driven, AI-supported decisions across your food chain.

Engineered for fresh food

We've spent years working with fresh food to design a system tailored to the fresh supply chain. Afresh is purpose-built for perishability, non-uniformity, quality, seasonality, and more.

Powered by modern AI

Our platform employs modern artificial intelligence techniques based on reinforcement learning to assist human operators in making expert decisions from day one.

Designed to empower people

Empathetically designed for real users, our easy-to-use interfaces and seamless workflow integrations support better data-driven decision-making.

Modern and scalable infrastructure

Our secure, robust, and stable infrastructure supports a modern technology stack that integrates quickly and powers applied machine learning at scale.

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We aim to help our partners add billions in profit by averaging 50%+ waste reduction across thousands of retail and grocery stores worldwide.