A revolutionary new approach to fresh ordering, forecasting, and store operations

Grocers win when fresh food thrives

A world-class Fresh experience drives loyal, high-value customers and grows sales. Better still, operational excellence in Fresh creates a virtuous cycle of shrink reduction, inventory turnover, and labor efficiencies.

Legacy technology holds fresh food back

For decades, the grocery industry has been served by technology originally built for general merchandise, electronics, apparel, and other retail industries.

These rigid technologies built for boxes and barcodes might work for consumer packaged food, but fail to handle the inherent complexity of fresh food.

Modern, fresh-first technology changes the game

Afresh employs modern AI and user interface design to create a revolutionary new system designed for fresh food. Totally unlike traditional CAO and other ordering systems, these tools decimate shrink, boost sales, increase turns, and add days of shelf life.

The end result: fresher food, happier customers, healthier business.


A revolutionary approach to store ordering in fresh

AI Suite

Instead of just forecasting demand, we leverage AI to optimize decision making and address the lack of accurate perpetual inventory.

Data Engine

The unexpected is expected in fresh food. Our data engine detects issues to automate as much as possible while engaging store associates when necessary.

Human-centered Interface

Existing systems force store labor to perform onerous processes to maintain systems. Instead, Afresh builds delightful interfaces that facilitate simple, familiar, and lightweight workflows, creating superhuman associates.

Closed Loop Feedback

Our end-to-end system is self-monitoring, from process adherence to AI accuracy, ensuring that the tool is always fully leveraged.

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